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Thank you for purchasing the SignSafetyBand.  You have just made your business or public space a much safer place and have protected yourself from many liabilities and cost associated with potential injuries.


Please follow these two simple steps to install the device on your sign in mere minutes.



Remove SignSafetyBand from packaging. Starting in the top center of the sign, work the band around the outside edge, pressing the band firmly to secure the band in place with a snug fit. Once you have wrapped the band around the sign be sure you have a snug fit. The band should be positioned flush or snug with the two end pieces top center of the sign. Cut the band if the two end pieces do not adjoin flush when installed. Metal cutting snips work best if you need to shorten the band to create a snug fit. 



Next, take the patented plastic clip, center the clip at the top and snap the clip down over the band to secure the two edges in place.  You may need to slightly pry one of the inside corners of the clip with your thumb to assist in snapping the clip down around the band.    

That's it.  Your sign is now protected.  Please share our product with others you may know.





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