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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is there really a risk for those metal signs in my parking lot or in front of my store?


2. Have there been any incidents or lawsuits from someone hitting their head on a sign?

-There are many cases which have been initiated from consumer injuries. This product is about preventing liability. 

3. My SignSafetyBand seems too long for my sign. How do I trim it?

-Using simple metal cutters can easily trim your band to fit. 

4. How long should my SignSafetyBand last?

-That depends on the exact location of your sign. Those exposed to direct sunlight are subject to harsher conditions. The SignSafetyBand should provide years of coverage. 

5. My band doesn't seem to fit near the clip. What can be done?

-You may need to loosen the bolts holding the sign slightly, put on the band, and then re-tighten.


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